I´m a passionate photographer from the buttom of my heart, I love my work and thats what I want you to feel.

I love capturing moments and make a forever out of it. Wherever in the world I´ll come with you. :))

I love life, with all the small moments it has in it, I love being in the nature, it gives me the feeling of freedom and clears up my soul. Best workplace I could ever ask for.

I love to decorate and also love old furniture. I´m always looking for new projects, to make my plans during the night. My second biggest passion is travelling, love seeing other cultures, breathe in different air.

The most important thing for me is, to spend time with my loved ones, they give me the strength to move on every day.

But I also love to get to know new people that come into my life, hearing about their storys and maybe tell a part of their story by my pictures.

I´d also love to hear about your story, and get to know who you are. Just send me a message and we can even have a talk over skype if you´ll like.

Love, Kristin